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The natural contours of the face can distort over time, and Sculptra® is the facial solution that many patients in St. George, UT choose. Sculptra® is available at Riverside Medical Arts, where we have met standards of quality care and patient safety.

What is Sculptra®?

Sculptra® is an injectable dermal filler that is delivered to add more volume to hollowed areas of the face, restoring the youthfulness of the face in the most natural way. Since collagen production depletes as we age, Sculptra® has the ability to trigger the production of our body’s own collagen to add volume to the face.

Before Sculptra®, St. George, UT

After Sculptra®, St. George, UTBefore & After Sculptra®

What does Sculptra® treat?

Sculptra® is administered to provide more volume to areas of the face where it is needed. Sculptra® treats hollowed cheeks, hollowed temples, bony cheekbones, and a hollowed chin area. Aside from giving more volume to these areas, Sculptra® can be used to improve the appearance of nasolabial as well as define the jawline for a better facial contour.

Is Sculptra® safe to use?

Sculptra® has been approved by the FDA since 2009 for cosmetic purposes. It has been used extensively over the past several years in different countries all over the world. Furthermore, we only offer quality care to all our patients.

Who are not good candidates for Sculptra®?

Individuals who are allergic to any Sculptra® ingredients may not be good candidates for treatment. Patients who have current skin inflammations or infections in the areas to be treated are not good candidates as well. It is not intended for people who are susceptible to having hypertrophic scarring and keloid formation.

How long will the results from my Sculptra® treatment last?

The results from the treatment may last up to two years, but our doctors at Riverside Medical Arts usually recommend having touch-up treatments once a year to maintain results. Optimal outcomes from the treatment usually take about 45 to 90 days to show up since the body is still building its own collagen during this time.