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Why you Should Consider Radio Frequency for Facial Rejuvenation

Radio Frequency treatment at riverside medical in st. george utahMany men and women are facing problems such as sagging jowls, under eye bags, lines around the nose and mouth, and deflation in the cheeks. These are just a few of the many signs of aging that seem to get worse with every passing year. Although the option of facial plastic surgery has existed for decades, the current trend is to minimize the signs of age with non-surgical techniques. Botox and dermal fillers lead the way, but technologies such as radio frequency are very much worth consideration.

Radio Frequency Energy and the Skin

Radio frequency is an electrical current ranging between a few and a few hundred GHz. The electromagnetic radiation from a radio frequency device bypasses the epidermis, or surface of the skin, without causing it to heat. However, the underlying dermal tissues absorb thermal energy and transfer it to heat, paving the way for positive effects.

It is in the dermal tissues where collagen is produced, and where it is stored as a supportive matrix of fibers that hold up the skin. When heated, collagen fibers are modified. Their frayed structure contracts and thickens as heat is absorbed. In many cases, this produces an immediate improvement in the appearance of the skin. However, most people notice progressive changes as collagen is remodeled over time in response to a perceived injury.

Radio frequency has been around for quite some time. Its therapeutic value has been proven in numerous medical applications since 2002, when the technology was first approved by the FDA. It is only recently that the aesthetic benefits of RF have become increasingly recognized.

Because the tightness and overall quality of the skin is improved with the infusion of collagen prompted by radio frequency, there are a number of improvements that can be seen with treatment. These include:

  • Lifted, more defined cheeks
  • Greater definition at the jaw line
  • Tightening of the skin under the eyes, and reduction in puffiness
  • Tighter skin on the forehead
  • Slight lift to the brow and skin on the upper eyelid
  • Reduced sagging and fat beneath the chin
  • Smoother skin on the neck

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Why Radio Frequency Facials are the New Trend in Anti-Aging

Radio Frequency Facial St. George UTAt Riverside Medical Arts, we offer numerous surgical and non-surgical anti-aging solutions to our patients from the St George area. We recognize the need for customization with every treatment, and are proud to provide you with the choices you need. One of the innovative methods of tightening and lifting the face used today is radio frequency.

What is a Radio Frequency Facial?

Radio frequency is radio waves. In clinical research, this technology has been found to have a positive effect on the skin. This form of energy causes the tissues that lie in the dermis to contract, progressively renewing the surface of the skin. The process is stimulated by the transfer of radio waves to heat as energy is absorbed by dermal tissues. Here, old collagen is denatured and healthy new strands begin to form. The influx of new collagen protein prompts the tightening of overlying skin, an improvement that becomes more visible with time, rather than the other way around.

Benefits of the Radio Frequency Facial

Who doesn’t like the idea of a non-surgical face lift? While there are certainly limitations to what is possible with a non-surgical procedure, radio frequency facials have produced outstanding results for many of our clients. Some of the benefits of treatment include:

  • Decreased wrinkles on the forehead
  • Brow lifting
  • Tightened skin beneath the eyes
  • Slight lift in the cheeks
  • Improvement in jaw line contouring, diminished jowls
  • Tightened skin beneath the chin and on the neck

Treatment Planning

A non-aesthetic benefit of the radio frequency facial is that there is no down time associated with treatments. Office visits typically last less than an hour, depending on the area we are treating. In each session, tissue is heated in a comfortable, uniform manner. For a short time after each treatment, the skin may look slightly red.  The number of sessions we recommend will differ based on the extent of tightening that needs to be achieved. However, most patients see immense benefit in six to twelve sessions. Because radio frequency elicits a natural response that continues to promote tight, youthful skin, the final result becomes more noticeable over several weeks.

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Understanding Skin Laxity and How to Treat it

When we are young, our skin is smooth and taut. This is because the superficial and deeper layers of tissue work together in a supportive manner. New cells that develop in deeper layers of skin make their way to the surface as the damaged, dead cells that make up the stratum corneum fall away.

Cellular turnover occurs about every 30 days when we are young. However, this process slows to about every 50 days as we age. The longer old cells remain on the surface of the skin, the more drab and lackluster its outward appearance.

Skin Laxity St. George UTAbout 90% of the skin’s thickness is in the dermis, the layer of tissue beneath the surface. Here, vital proteins like elastin and collagen are stored. Collagen is referred to as a “firming protein” because it is this substance that forms the matrix of fibers that keep skin lifted and smooth. Elasticity is protected by elastin, which helps the skin bounce back if stretching has occurred.

Adequate amounts of elastin and collagen are indicated by beautifully firm skin. As stored become depleted with age, sun damage, and other factors, the skin becomes dehydrated, dry, wrinkled, and saggy. The defined contours that once existed across the cheeks and jaw line become soft and droopy.

In addition to diminished collagen, the fat cells that make up the subcutaneous layer of skin thin out. This leaves very little cushion to support facial contours. When volume from fat cells is lost, the face may appear flat and sad.

Addressing the Signs of Age

It used to be that the signs of age described here could be addressed only with cosmetic plastic surgery. Of course, there are patients for whom a brow lift, eyelid surgery, or facelift is appropriate. However, many can now get a jump start on their anti-aging routine with non-surgical, non-invasive treatments like radio frequency.

In recent years, multiple forms of non-surgical skin tightening have been developed. The benefit that radio frequency has over other methods is its ability to both reduce fat cells and tighten skin. Other treatments reduce pockets of fat but have little to no effect on the production of collagen. With radio frequency treatments, this production increases to promote a beautifully lifted face.

Learn how radio frequency treatments can rejuvenate your appearance. Call Riverside Medical Arts at (435) 628-6466.

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