Vein Injections

Vein injections are a treatment option for the removal of bothersome varicose veins. Patients in St. George, UT can get this treatment at Riverside Medical Arts, where we deliver high quality care and value patient safety.

What are vein injections?

Vein injection is also called sclerotherapy. This is a procedure that is performed to improve the appearance of varicose veins. The therapy involves the injection of a solution, which is called a sclerosant, directly into the affecting vein to damage its internal lining and promote blood clotting from within. Eventually, the vein is destroyed and disappears.

What is the solution contained in vein injections?

The sclerosant normally injected into the vein is called sodium tetradecyl sulphate (STD). It is available and given in various concentrations depending on the vein being treated.

How should I prepare for vein injections?

Before your sclerotherapy treatment, you may be advised to have well fitting compression stockings measured so they are immediately available for wearing immediately after your injections. Some medications, such as oral contraceptives, may also have to be stopped days before your injection treatment to minimize the risk for thrombosis. It would also help to arrange a few days off from work starting from the day of your treatment, especially if your job requires you to stand for long periods.

What can I expect from my vein injection session?

On the day of your treatment, our doctors at Riverside Medical Arts will mark the surface vein on your leg with the use of ultrasound scanning. Local anesthetics will be injected into an area of the skin to promote comfort. Patients are assured that we have met nationally-recognized standards for patient safety.

A needle will be placed into the affected vein using ultrasound scanning. To keep it open, a blood thinning agent will be administered. Butterfly needles will then be inserted into the visible veins and are flushed with a blood thinner. During the procedure, expect some slight yet tolerable stinging.

What happens after my vein injections?

Immediately after the procedure, the treated site will be wrapped in bandage or compression stockings which may need to remain for about five days. Once the pads and bandage are removed, they will be replaced with stockings that will be worn for seven more days. You may be advised to do a lot of walking and perform your normal activities without any problem. Our doctors will guide you throughout your recovery.