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NovaThreads® in St. George, UT

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation with NovaThreads®

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Facial rejuvenation patients in St. George, UT who wish to rejuvenate their face without having to undergo surgery can now achieve natural looking facial results with NovaThreads®! This non-surgical procedure lifts the soft tissues of the face and neck with an in-office procedure with excellent, natural-looking results.

No longer do patients have to travel to Europe for this remarkable procedure as NovaThreads® is now offered by Riverside Medical Arts to help our patients restore a more youthful look to their face.

What is NovaThreads® and how is it a non-surgical facelift?

NovaThreads® are small pre-loaded hypodermic needles or microcannulas which contain polydioxanone material (PDO), an absorbable surgical suture. NovaThreads® are dissolvable threads that are placed under the skin to lift the targeted areas in the face.

NovaThreads® is used to lift men and women’s:

  • Jowls
  • Cheeks
  • Neck

The pre-loaded NovaThreads® syringes are inserted in the targeted area’s interstitial tissue at a subdermal level and parallel to the surface of the skin. The PDO thread remains under the skin.

Why NovaThreads®?

NovaThreads® is clinically proven to lift facial and neck tissue with results that can last up to 9 to 12 months.*

This remarkable non-invasive “facelift” requires:

  • No surgery
  • No anesthesia
  • No cuts
  • No incisions

The procedure is comfortably tolerated by patients with minimal to no downtime. NovaThreads® can be done during your lunch time!

Am I a candidate for NovaThreads®?

Before NovaThreads®, St. George, UT

After NovaThreads®, St. George, UTBefore & After NovaThreads®

NovaThreads® is not for everyone who is looking to correct sagging skin. A patient consultation is the first step to determine if NovaThreads® will meet your aesthetic facial rejuvenation goals. NovaThreads® has been used in European and Asian countries and now is available in the United States.
What results can I expect from NovaThreads®?

NovaThreads® typically dissolves within your skin and body within 6 months. However, the results last longer as your body naturally produces bands of collagen which extends the visible lifting and tightening results for up to a year.* Results can vary based on your skin’s elasticity. Our providers will discuss with you if you are a candidate for NovaThreads® and what results you can expect realistically.

Schedule a consultation with a Riverside Medical Associate to learn more about our non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures and services. Call 435-628-6466 or contact us online today.

To learn how NovaThreads® can help you non-surgically lift and tighten your body, visit our NovaThreads® Body Lift page.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed.