Why Radio Frequency Facials are the New Trend in Anti-Aging

Radio Frequency Facial St. George UTAt Riverside Medical Arts, we offer numerous surgical and non-surgical anti-aging solutions to our patients from the St George area. We recognize the need for customization with every treatment, and are proud to provide you with the choices you need. One of the innovative methods of tightening and lifting the face used today is radio frequency.

What is a Radio Frequency Facial?

Radio frequency is radio waves. In clinical research, this technology has been found to have a positive effect on the skin. This form of energy causes the tissues that lie in the dermis to contract, progressively renewing the surface of the skin. The process is stimulated by the transfer of radio waves to heat as energy is absorbed by dermal tissues. Here, old collagen is denatured and healthy new strands begin to form. The influx of new collagen protein prompts the tightening of overlying skin, an improvement that becomes more visible with time, rather than the other way around.

Benefits of the Radio Frequency Facial

Who doesn’t like the idea of a non-surgical face lift? While there are certainly limitations to what is possible with a non-surgical procedure, radio frequency facials have produced outstanding results for many of our clients. Some of the benefits of treatment include:

  • Decreased wrinkles on the forehead
  • Brow lifting
  • Tightened skin beneath the eyes
  • Slight lift in the cheeks
  • Improvement in jaw line contouring, diminished jowls
  • Tightened skin beneath the chin and on the neck

Treatment Planning

A non-aesthetic benefit of the radio frequency facial is that there is no down time associated with treatments. Office visits typically last less than an hour, depending on the area we are treating. In each session, tissue is heated in a comfortable, uniform manner. For a short time after each treatment, the skin may look slightly red.  The number of sessions we recommend will differ based on the extent of tightening that needs to be achieved. However, most patients see immense benefit in six to twelve sessions. Because radio frequency elicits a natural response that continues to promote tight, youthful skin, the final result becomes more noticeable over several weeks.

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