Gemini Treatment

Gemini Photo-Rejuvenation is a laser treatment that has provided good to excellent outcomes in skin rejuvenation. Gemini Laser removes the dull, dead skin cells and sun-damaged cells while stimulating new cell growth to reveal new, fresher, healthier skin on the surface. The Gemini laser has two frequencies for the treatment of skin conditions – 532 nanometres (green KTP) and 1064 nanometres (Nd:YAG). The green light of the KTP laser is attracted to the blood in capillaries and the melanin in the skin, making it an ideal laser for treating broken capillaries, rosacea, freckles, sunspots and pigmentation. The Nd:YAG laser is a deeper penetrating laser that can be used to treat deeper blood vessels and pigmentation, and even stimulate collagen regeneration for skin texture refinement. All areas of the body can be treated. The most common area treated is the face.