Regain Vitality with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

We often think of hormones for the role they play in our sex life. However, hormones like testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, progesterone, and DHEA are crucial to general health and wellness. Every cell in the body has hormone receptors, which is why low levels of various hormones can have such an enormous impact on your daily life.

The decline of hormones occurs naturally with age. It can be expedited by obesity, stress, alcohol, and poor nutrition. An important aspect of age management today is identifying which hormones are low, and developing ways to optimize levels with lifestyle and, when necessary, hormone replacement therapy.

Healthy Lifestyle for Hormonal Balance

We appreciate our patients’ desire for natural solutions to their health concerns. Hormone regulation can be a complex matter, but one that tends to become more manageable with regular exercise, a healthy diet that includes plenty of fresh vegetables, and avoidance of alcohol and tobacco. Stress management techniques are also beneficial for those with hormonal imbalance.

What Bioidentical Hormones can do

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy st george utah | Riverside medical artsBoth men and women experience significant drops in hormones as they age. Some of the symptoms of imbalance can affect each gender the same. For instance, low testosterone (yes, testosterone is important for women, too!) can increase the risk of depression, anxiety, and insomnia in men and women. Low-T also affects libido and mental clarity. Plant-based alternatives to the hormones your body should produce can help you reclaim vitality and greater happiness.

Direct benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement include:

• Fat loss and muscle mass. Both testosterone and estrogen affect how the body stores fat. With optimization, the body more readily lets go of fat. There is also an increase in muscle mass, which leads to greater fat burning power.
• Improved libido. Low testosterone can wipe out your desire for sex. Both men and women report heightened libido after their hormonal balance is regained.
• Hormonal balance promotes better moods and can decrease feelings of anxiety, irritability, and depression.
• Healthy sleep. Sleep is regulated in the hypothalamus, which can be disrupted when hormones are not balanced. Restoring optimal balance can have a positive effect on sleep patterns.
• Healthy bones. Bone tissue partially relies on hormonal balance to absorb calcium. Individuals with optimal hormonal balance are at a decreased risk for osteoporosis.

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