Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms?

– fatigue hair loss decreased libidoweight gainhot flashesnight sweatsdecreased muscle massheavy, irregular periods vaginal dryness or atrophy-dry and thinning hair and skinextreme coldacnebloatingdepression anxietyirritiability – loss of stamina, insomnia, fibrocystic breast disease, bladder symptoms, memory loss, brain fog -etc, etc…

If you said yes to any of the above symptoms then you may be suffering from hormone imbalance. We offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy here at Riverside Medical Arts.

What is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and what does it involve?

We see an increase in disease and a decrease in our health as we age. A big part of why we age is hormone loss. We hit our hormonal prime in or around our mid 20′s, on average, from there it is a steady decline. Bioidentical hormones identically match the molecular structure of the hormones that your body makes. They are derived from natural plant sources and are then compounded by a compounding pharmacy. Natural hormones do not carry the same risks as synthetic hormones. We check your hormone levels through blood, urine and saliva testing. We then sit down with you and analyze all of your levels and prescribe whatever hormones you may be deficient in. We also will recommend supplemental replacement to optimize all of your vitamins, hormones and minerals. Your hormones are tailored to your individual needs and are not a one size fits all dosing. The beauty of compounding is the pharmacist can match your exact needs through individualized dosing. We then monitor your hormone levels closely to make sure you are always balanced and within an optimal range.

We treat adults of all ages. Whether it is we can offer relief from most hormonal imbalances. We have 1 on site OBGYN, Dr. Gayle Carter and our Nurse Practitioner, Allie Blazzard who specialize in hormone replacement. Give our office a call to see if hormone replacement with bioidentical hormones is right for you.