“I absolutely love this place. Allie is one of the best & Dr. Ben Carter is wonderful too… All the staff are so nice and friendly. Would recommend this place to anyone… :)”
– Carrie P

“Amazing providers, staff and products! I recommend this place to all my close friends and anyone who wants to enhance their skin care to the most natural beauty! Wonderful place”
– Natasha C

“They are the best. I did an apprenticeship with Allie and I had learned so much. She is amazing at what she does. and that same year I was diagnosed with skin cancer and didn’t know it for 15 years, past doctors treated it like it was the herpes virus until I had done a biopsy. It came back as basel cell. I went to see Dr. Ben Carter. Dr. Ben Carter saved my lip because if he hadn’t did what he did they would not have found the squamous cell growing underneath the basel cell. I did have to have reconstructive surgery, I still need to goto Allie to have her help make my lip fuller on that side. 🙂 Dr. Ben Carter always looks at it and tells his MA’s about it. He also helps me with my migraines with the Botox injections. This is the best Medical Arts Spa in Southern Utah”
– Krista O

“Eveyone is very nice and helpful. I felt very comfortable on my first visit and great about continuing my skin care treatment at Riverside Medical Arts.”
– Pilar W