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Fast and Effective – Why Botox Is the Clear Choice

There are some procedures in the cosmetic industry that have really earned their place on a higher plinth, though none will ever take the place of the most popular and effective of all — Botox. After being introduced as a viable cosmetic product in 1989, Botox immediately took the world by storm. Having proven highly effective in reducing the appearance of unwanted wrinkles, almost all cosmetic and plastic surgery clinics worldwide adopted Botox and began recommending it as a product of choice.

Popular as it is in some circles, a lot of people still don’t understand what it is, how it works, or if it may fit their ownbotox treatment needs. Our clinic receives queries every day from clients who are curious about Botox, so we’ve done our best to sum up some of the key basics to promote better understanding of this cosmetic wonder.

Botox is a drug based upon the Botulinum toxin. The drug is used to treat muscular conditions medically and is now used cosmetically to temporarily remove fine facial lines and wrinkles. It possesses a quality much different from other traditional facial treatments — it works as a muscle relaxant that is injected directly into the desired facial area. Results are immediately seen and wrinkles magically disappear just a few seconds following the treatment.

The procedure only takes a few minutes and clients can leave the clinic within the hour. There may be some slight swelling, but it’s gone in a couple of hours at the most. The result is, of course, temporary. The effects often last up to four months, which means patients are usually treated three times a year for a more permanently rejuvenating effect. Best of all, the treatment is very affordable.

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