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What Is a Medical Spa

When a day spa and a medical clinic are fused together it is called a medical spa. The medical doctor is the person behind the operation of this facility. Various services are offered which include the treatment of body and face such as redness and brown spots as well as broken capillaries, which in a way can only be treated by an esthetician. Likewise, a vary of medical spa treatments are offered which cover laser treatment, IPL, laser hair removal, injectables, skin rejuvenation or tightening, photofacials, microdermabrasion and aggressive chemical peels. This operates more under a clinical atmosphere rather than a day spa. Body treatments and massage are also offered by some of the medical spas while other give specialty to wellness and offers services such as naturopathic doctor consultations, nutritional counseling and acupuncture.


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What to Ask Before Choosing a Medical Spa?

  • Who Runs or Operates the Medical Spa? Is the clinic owned by a doctor and is he/she is in charge of doing treatment or supervising operations? It is crucial that a doctor is supervising the procedures which are performed within the premise, but he/she doesn’t have to be there at all times. There are instances when doctors have little involvement in the overall operation of medical spa and would only lend their names. Basically, regulations may vary from every state.
  • What are the types of equipment to be used in the procedures and when did they purchase those? Identify what equipment is used in your procedure. In skin tightening or rejuvenation and laser treatment, the equipment used is generally quite costly resulting in an expensive operation. You may consider the latest technology and up to date equipment to be used in your procedure.
  • Who will perform the operation? Before deciding to undergo a procedure, it is essential to ask for license of the person who would perform the service as well as have a background check like photos of previous work. Especially in laser hair removal, which is considered to be a complex procedure. There is a need to know who will execute the procedure because there could be an instance that you can be severely burned.
  • If the treatment will work on me is ideal? Just because a doctor is recommending a treatment doesn’t mean you badly need it. You need to have critical judgment whether to have or not to take the recommendation. Some doctors operate a medical spa in addition to their practice.
  • How many treatments are needed before I get the result? Every individual has a different response to the every treatment. It is necessary to know how much often you need to undergo the treatment to achieve the desired results. Also, you may or may not be satisfied with a series a treatment or after one procedure, you already get good results.

Taking the time to identify what medical spa is the best for your needs is important. Likewise, you need to be every particular with its reliability and reputation along with professions involved in the procedure and the equipment used as well.

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