Nutritional Testing

We offer comprehensive nutritional testing to help you maximize your metabolism. Vitamin, mineral and amino acid deficiencies can cause a sluggish metabolism. We help optimize gut health to not only boost your metabolism and weight loss, but your also help with immune function. Our providers will help customize a nutritional and supplement program to help your weight loss needs.

Regardless of what program you choose, we help you with your diet and exercise planning. Whether your needs for weight loss are emotional support, counseling, hand-holding, accountability, education, encouragement, whatever, we are there to help you. Our focus on maintenance is key, so you’re assured to keep your weight off if you follow the program guidelines. If you want to know what program or combination of programs is right for you, you can meet with one of our providers who will help determine your specific needs. We look forward to meeting with you soon and hope to help you look and feel your best.